Temptation is Coming to Scunthorpe!

Exciting news for Scunthorpe Town centre as Peaky Blinders bar on Scunthorpe High Street team up with Temptation burger bar offering a POP-UP kitchen experience for their customers.

Scunthorpe Nights said: “I don’t know about you, but I think it’s great to see new things popping up in the area and I’m grateful that local businesses are willing to try new and interesting ideas to adapt to the ever changing climate of our town centre. Eating out with friends or family is probably just as popular as going for a night out at the pub for a couple of beers.

“Currently Temptation [are] located inside St Stephens shopping centre in Hull. Their first branch opened just before lockdown began and it received a huge response throughout that period with takeaway orders booming. But soon you won’t have to travel over the bridge or even out of town to experience a top-notch gourmet burger with your cocktail or craft lager.”

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